Quiz: Find Your Perfect Festival Look

Ever had trouble deciding what you should wear to your upcoming festival? Well babes, we got you! Complete this quick quiz to find out what your ultimate festival style is!


Your go to piece is...

A. A Fedora

B. A Cap

C. A Vintage Band Tee

D. A Choker

Your favourite band is...

A. Angus and Julia Stone

B. Rihanna

C. Arctic Monkeys

D. Nirvana

Your drink of choice is...

A. Cider

B. Vodka Red Bull

C. Double Black Smirnoff

D. RosΓ©

Your ultimate festival shoes are....

A. Sandals

B. Puma Creepers

C. Cons

D. Docs

Mostly A's

You Boho Babe, you! You're all about them free flowin' vibes and can't go past a maxi dress paired with some cute sandals! You love completing your look with unique accessories and always wear your hair out in loose waves. Check out the look we put together for you...

Mostly B's

Sport Luxe is so your thing at the moment! It's the best of both worlds, comfy clothes while looking super cool! You love anything with a sporty vibe...think cool caps, sports tees and running shorts paired with sneakers. We have the perfect outfit for you...

Mostly C's

You can never go past the classic graphic band tee and denim shorts! You have a huge collection of band tees already but still NEED more! And denim is always going to be a staple in your wardrobe...duh! Check out the pieces we know you'll love...

Mostly D's

Helllooo 90's babe! You just cannot get enough of this trend. Your outfits are always inspired by 90's fashion and you're adamant you're living in the wrong era. We picked some of our favourite 90's inspired pieces for you...