How To Use SwipeBuy on the Peppermayo App

The Peppermayo App is here (in case you haven't heard) and we are super excited about the SwipeBuy feature designed to make online shopping a total breeze! SwipeBuy is a unique way to shop as you can quickly flick through every product in store or if you are searching for a particular item, filter products so you are only seeing a certain category. Read on for our step by step instructions on how to use SwipeBuy.


1. The App will ask you what you are looking for today, this is where you can select specific categories to flick through. Today I'm going to check out the Beauty category.

Note: you can also add further filters, like size, colour, occasion and price after you have selected your category.



2. Start Swiping! Swipe left if the product isn't for you, swipe right to add the product to your wishlist or swipe up to buy now.




3. Once you have swiped up on the product you want to buy you will be asked if you want to add it to your bag. Select this option and follow the prompts to check out normally. 


How easy is that?! The only other thing you need to know about is our new filters. You can now filter by occasion or style. For example, if you are looking for a dress that you could wear to the races, you can now search for dresses under the category 'Racewear.' 

You can be even more specific than that though. Say you want a red midi dress with short sleeves that you can wear to the races, all you have to do is select those filters and only dresses that match that criteria will appear.

Once you have checked out how awesome SwipeBuy is, make sure you leave a review in the App Store here!