Horoscopes: November 15'

Gurrrlll what's your Zodiac? find out what's going on in your realm, discover how to enhance your life and make the stars align with your perfect go-to piece for this month!


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

November is a power month for Scorpio. All eyes are on you especially on November 11 when the new moon rises. There will be a shift in energy leading to a boost in your confidence with new opportunities arising at the forefront of your central focus. These opportunities may be found within your relationship with someone close or within your immediate friendship group. Your actions will be recognised and rewarded with feelings of appreciation, aiding comfort and adding more control to your life. However, although you may have more control, look out for self-sabotaging thoughts or situations that may remind you of past issues. These thoughts are definitely unwelcome company, but the challenge to trust your present self will align you with Jupiter and Pluto, influencing even more change for the better. Towards the end of the month Saturn and Neptune will move into a square formation which may introduce a complication revolving around finance or romance. If you have been spending too much on a special someone or on yourself, you may feel the pressure of money or lack there of. Bottom line; overindulgence, overthinking and wasteful practices will burden you. Focus your energy on pulling back from unnecessary spending or giving too much of yourself to others and be grateful about the small things.  

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Nov. 22-Dec. 21

November is a relaxed month for Sagittarians. Last month was a stress, but now you’re in the clear - thanks to Mars and Venus! Both Planets will bring loving, affirming, vibrations. You may get a lot of recognition for the hard work you’ve been putting in or a lot of compliments for a new look you’re rocking. Take care when delving into conversations about love with a close friend, not all is as it seems and be sure to get both sides of the story first before making assumptions. During November, your fate is in your control. Don’t let opportunities pass you by, otherwise you will let others plan your future for you. 



Dec. 22- Jan. 19

This is a great time to reconnect, follow up or start fresh in your life. Catch up with old friends or start a new project, maybe even talk to that one person you’ve been dying to know! Positive vibes are on the horizon. At mid month you may feel like people around you are becoming more intense. Ease up and relax, make sure your communication channels are open and that your listening channels are receptive. Just providing a shoulder to lean on to a friend or relative in need will take you much further in your relationships. 

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Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You have so much support this month from family and friends. Find ways to use this to your advantage, however don’t get caught off guard by gaining an overconfidence. Take each challenge one step at a time. Don’t get a big head and let your actions speak for your success, rather than your words. Your perspective on life will be enhanced by the kindness of your friends this month thanks to the Sun, the New Moon and Mercury. 

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Feb. 19-March. 20

Pisces, trust your instincts this month. You have an ability to see the truth behind a lot of drama that seems to be unfolding around you. Don’t let the negativity of others effect you. Your attitude is completely up to you. You may also be tested this month on how much you believe in yourself. Just a little tip - pause and think before you react. The New Moon will also present an exciting opportunity for you, however this won't be brought on unless you put in a little work to encourage it. This may mean a simple gesture or gift of appreciation to a loved one, or putting in a few extra hours of study or work. 



March. 21-April. 19

Due to Mercury being in your realm this month, you will be welcoming some peace and quiet.  November brings romance and passion, which may encourage the start of a new love, re-igniting an old love or sparking a new creative project. The Sun and Mercury will also inspire you to see things in a new perspective, which will work in your favour either financially or in a relationship.



April. 20-May. 20

Make sure you take caution in how you first approach a feisty situation. This may cause you to feel anxious or sad as you feel you need to speak your mind. Remember, that this too shall pass. Everything will work itself out in due course.  Mid November is an important time for you, as it holds the New Moon in Scorpio. If you’re thinking about making a new commitment to someone or in your career or study wise, the new moon has you covered! Only positivity can come from this. 



May. 21- June 21

Gemini, November will be sweet! During the initial part of the month offering inspiration to maybe your room/ home décor or even a spark of flare in your style! You will also be extremely relaxed to know that even the smallest of your positive actions will not go unnoticed! This New Moon may be one of the greatest points of the year to talk about a health concern with your doctor, or for you to just discover new ways heal and rejuvenate yourself. The end of November will see your half birthday, make sure you spend some down time on reflecting and projecting ahead to step your game up at school, work or to just reach general goals.

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June. 22-July. 22

Travel seems to be on the cards for you in the near future or you may seem to feel as if you're travelling metaphorically on an emotional journey of some sort. This will refer to a relationship or a battle going on within yourself. It is important for you to look after your most familiar surroundings at home or to touch base with someone familiar to feel some sort of stability. The full moon towards the end of month with give you a lot of clarity to help friends who seek advice from you. This month will be busy and full on so make sure you plan and get organised!


July. 23-Aug. 22

Although you have had many doors open in terms of opportunities or you may have been saving some money for a rainy day fund, just remember that this feeling of abundance doesn’t always last so appreciate it. You may also be planning to spend some money on something you’ve wanted for a while as a reward for working hard or for an occasion! In terms of relationships, people really seem to look to you for motivation or for some words of advice! Take this humbly and try to take it as more motivation for yourself to keep on being the best you can be!  



Aug. 23-Sep. 22

This is a great time for you Virgo! Mars is in your realm, which only happens once every 2 years and lasts for around 6 weeks! So now is the time for you to catch up with people of importance or talk to a person that you really could see yourself with! It is a great time to have some of your wishes granted! Plant the seeds and see where it leads!  



Sep. 23 -Oct.22

Last month there may have been a lot of tension in the air for you! But don’t worry! November will be much better! Finally a project is taking off and flourishing or people are listening to you more! This is all due to mars entering Libra! You haven’t had any help from mars since the end of 2013 and the first half of 2014.  You may recall how much drive and motivation you had at that time. This will visit you again during November and will stay till the early months of next year.